Why Vega Schools should be the School of your choice.


Vega Schools is a school in Gurgaon that transacts the CBSE curriculum through the Problem-Based Learning methodology.

Vega schools believe that in order to make their mark in the future, young learners need to be taught decision-making skills, collaboration, critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, effective communication, and the latest technological tools.

This can be achieved through a research-proven method called PBL which acts as a powerful tool to enable deep learning as it is less mechanical memorization and more reasoning and analytical thinking.


To facilitate Problem-Based Learning for the students, Vega school’s campus has been designed scientifically by FNI, USA (education architecture and authors of “Blueprint for Tomorrow-Harvard University press).

  • Instead of traditional classrooms, here are open spaces for group discussions and small hubs for individual assistance.
  • The building is naturally lit with no dark corners.
  • The whole concept is to create an optimal learning environment and enable real-life learning with collaboration, empathy, and confidence.


Vega Schools, Gurugram-is Gurugram’s only school with open plan classrooms and also has a campus with centralized PM 2.5 air purification system. The following are the safety measures that shall be considered while reopening.

  • Our open learning spaces will allow a new (socially distanced) seating matrix.
  • We can stagger the start and close of the school day, or hold schools in rotation/shifts with reduced class size.
  • Open space will ensure physical distancing in classrooms.
  • Our multilayer air filtration system with increased ventilation and reduced air velocity (diffusers instead of vents in AC) ensure fresh and clean air.
  • We have already prepared our school to welcome back our learners by cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.
  • Monitoring children and school staff health will be our top priority on a daily basis.
  • We are committed to providing the best hygiene practices and supplies.
  • Necessary and strict canteen rules will be implemented as and when required.
  • Most importantly, encouraging children to express their concerns and training administration staff & teachers keeping them abreast with the latest news, will be given utmost importance.
  • Vega schools safety measures are in compliance with the Government of India/WHO guidelines.
  • We will be monitoring access into the school – with the help of thermal monitors, disinfectant tunnels, etc.


  • The meal has been planned holistically. Keeping in mind that our learners are always on the move burning energy constantly, we have quantified nutrition planned meals.
  • The food is directly sourced from farms and prepared on the site. Farm-to-table Cafe.
  • The Learning Leaders sit with the children and make sure they eat their food.
  • Indian food is served 4 days a week, while to introduce a new food, Pan Asian food is served on 5th day, i.e. Friday.


The team is led by Co-Founder and Global PBL expert Dr. Steven Edwards. Vega Schools is a part of the GSA (Global school Alliance) and is the First North Indian school to be a part of it. These are some of the world’s most progressive schools that share knowledge, faculty and student exchanges – both in the virtual and real environments. 


Vega School believes that schools may be in lock down, but learning cannot be locked. We have been creating comprehensive, online learning plans using varied, digital tools, and teaching measures for effective remote learning for our learners. These plans also include extracurricular activities like Dance, Music, Yoga and Art/Craft.

  • Real-time communication through Google Classrooms.
  • Use of tools such as Flip grid, Seesaw, Jamboard, Google docs to enable learners to engage with content.
  • Padlet for uploading the assignments.
  • Dress up and Show & tell among other things as a GITZ activity.
  • Virtual tour of an agricultural farm to give learners a better understanding of soil types, crop rotation, pisciculture.
  • Breakout rooms for collaborative work.
  • And we have been actively seeking feedback from parents about the distance learning capsules which we deliver and are flexible enough to modify them based on the feedback received.

In the view of the given extraordinary circumstances thrown open by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the school will be conducting the whole admission process online, including the interview and counseling of parents. Though the online process is a new experience for both parents and the school, we assure smooth functioning and timely feedback. 

To know more about the admission process and school tour feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions.