Vega School and Global School Alliance

Education has come a long way. Thanks to the (changing) needs of the real world, teaching techniques have changed tremendously. Schools are transitioning from a model where teachers do most of the work to a model where teachers are like coaches, and children develop real world skills and apply knowledge. 

Most of us were exposed to rote learning early in our life when we memorized the alphabets, numbers, multiplication tables and formulae. These methods of consuming and knowing content (and information) was prevalent throughout school. 

In today’s world, how much we know is almost irrelevant (especially since all the world’s information is already on our handphone). The world rewards people who can apply what they know into finding new and better ways of doing things. 

Some schools have taken the lead and focus on teaching the things that will be rewarded by the real world. These are the things that make entrepreneurs and professionals successful in the real world. 

And with this aim in mind The Global Schools Alliance was formed by 15 of most progressive schools across the world.  These schools realized that while the world is rapidly changing, education and schools are not. These schools became game-changers and agents of change in their respective countries. 

Vega Schools, Gurgaon, one of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon (Education World 2020-21) became the FIRST INDIAN SCHOOL to be invited as a member of The Global Schools Alliance.


Global Schools’ Alliance(GSA) is an exclusive coalition of top-notch schools from around the world and provides progressive schools with an opportunity to connect with like-minded schools globally. Leading progressive schools that focused on Problem based learning from around the world were evaluated and handpicked for the Alliance.


  • GSA was founded by Lene Jensby Lange & Dr Steven Edwards, both internationally renowned educators. 
  • Lene Jensby Lange is the Founder of Autens, Denmark and an expert on designing effective learning spaces. 
  • Dr. Steven Edwards, a PBL (problem based learning expert) and Co-Founder of Vega Schools, Gurugram has been a former advisor to the Whitehouse, United Nations and other well known organisations on education matters. 


The mission of the Alliance is to transform education globally by amplifying and sharing best practices. The goal is to also connect students and teachers with their peers from other member schools to encourage transnational projects, best practice sharing and international collaborations.


  • By researching about how children learn and the new ways to educate children
  • By sharing teaching and learning methods based on proven best practices
  • By continuously developing member schools’ teachers through rotating fellowships at other member schools’ locations
  • By creating common projects between the schools that have a transnational relevance
  • By facilitating educational visits between member schools to understand diverse cultures and work ethics
  • Evaluating, adopting, and sharing emerging technologies for learning
  • Conducting an annual GSA conference hosted by one of the GSA schools

With all these processes, children can work together and present their findings to real-world and authentic audiences. Teachers help plan projects in collaboration with their international counterparts giving students first-hand knowledge of different cultures and traditions around the world.


  • Opportunities for professional development to improve teacher quality and raise student achievement.
  • Showcase best practices from schools around the world and provide members a platform to connect with a wide variety of schools – both GSA members and visitors – which can lead to a rich exchange of support and training opportunities.
  • Member schools and their students are given wide access to the best universities, corporations, acclaimed thought leaders, international networks of school leaders, educationists, advisors and other stakeholders.
  • GSA supports teachers with a multitude of professional development opportunities, including international workshops and teaching fellowships amongst the tribe of schools around the world.
  • Help pair students with internships and other opportunities in the regions where member schools operate


The Global Schools’ Alliance currently has 15 schools as members including:

  1. A.B. Combs Elementary School – USA
  2. Albany Senior High School – Australia
  3. Chaman Bhartiya School – Bangalore, India
  4. Evangelischer Schule Berlin Zentrum – Germany
  5. Freemans Bay School – New Zealand
  6. Green School Bali-Yayasan Kul Kul – Bali
  7. Hellerup Skole – Denmark
  8. High Tech High – USA
  9. Hilltop Road Public School – Australia
  10. Liger Learning Center – Cambodia
  11. Matthew Moss High School – United Kingdom
  12. Stonefields School – New Zealand
  13. Tri-Country Early College 
  14. Vega Schools, Gurugram, India
  15. Orestad Gymnasium – Denmark
  • Member schools are amongst the highest rated progressive schools in their respective countries and have pledged to bring their experience and knowledge to work together to improve the standards of education globally. 
  • Leading progressive schools from around the world were evaluated and handpicked for the Alliance.


  • Vega Schools, one of the best schools in Gurugram (Education World 2020-21), is the only school in Gurugram that transacts the CBSE curriculum through a unique and research proven Problem Based Learning method,
  • Vega Schools, one of  the top schools in Gurgaon (We are Gurgaon 2020), believe that in order to make their mark in the future, young learners need to be great at innovation, original thinking, decision-making, collaboration, critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, effective communication and in the latest technological tools.
  • This can be best achieved through a research-proven method called PBL (Problem Based Learning) which acts as a powerful tool to enable deep learning as it involves less content memorization and more reasoning and analytical thinking
  • Vega believes that the traditional classrooms with their students in rows and a teacher with a whiteboard teaching to the bell are a thing of the past. The way forward is by creating immersive learning experiences in classrooms without walls, multiple learning pods, teachers as coaches – teaching in teams or small groups of learners, with a 21st-century curriculum and involving multiple assessments. 
  • Vega’s raison d’être is to discover the star within each child – finding, triggering and nurturing the passion of learners to discover the real joy of learning. 
  • Vega strives to teach learners how to succeed in the real world and to thrive their future work environment
  • Vega creates a personalised learning plan for each child with the understanding that each child learns differently.
  • Vega has open learning spaces to facilitate personalised education and immersive learning

Vega Schools, named as the most innovative school in India (BW Businessworld 2020-21), became India’s first school to be invited to become a Global Schools Alliance (GSA) member.

Vega Schools and the GSA schools are on course to educate the children of a new world with an education that will help them successfully develop the mindset, skill-set and values to navigate a rapidly changing world.