As the Coronavirus pandemic rages across the globe insidiously, every day we are flooded with negative news about the pandemic…which is understandable in times of a crisis. Nonetheless, it’s time to look at the ‘Silver Lining’ around dark clouds. 

Let’s look at some positives emerging during this period.

The Earth is finally healing: Just one day after the lockdown was announced, our social media was flooded with posts related to “how everyone can hear the chirping birds and feel the fresh hair”. It’s proven that our environment is seeing noticeable changes.

  • Clear blue sky
  • Clean water bodies
  • Improvement in Air quality
  • Reduced carbon emissions from factories and industries
  • Reduced pressure on existing resources

And most importantly, the co-owner of this earth, our Flora & Fauna are benefitting from these dramatic changes. Have you seen the videos of dolphins spotted near Mumbai coast & NilGai near a famous mall in Noida? It seems as if the plants and animals are reclaiming the land that we forgot to share with them.

Health & Nutrition: A top priority now! Even though gyms & parks are closed to the public, people are still figuring out ways to work out at home. It’s because everyone has actually started taking their health and general immunity seriously. They have realised that it is not only helping them stay fit physically but mentally too.

Mental health-The need of the hour : As per reports, Starbucks recently announced expanded mental health benefits for their 220,000 US workers and their family members. Finally, the pandemic is driving all companies to invest heavily in mental health benefits. With many forced to work from home along with managing household chores, and many stuck alone in isolation, employees have started feeling lonely, anxious and stressed. And this is the right time to address mental health issues with the planned intervention.

Families coming together: Families are now calling their loved ones frequently; children are contributing to household chores, more engaging activities like DIY crafts, board games within parents & children, more chit chatting than watching television….yes they are bonding like never before.

We as a family are getting closer day by day, which was difficult earlier due to different kinds of economic and academic engagements.

Older Adults adopt Technology:  We often equate early technology adoption with the young, but with this sudden lockdown this adoption is rapidly expanding among older adults. Due to the virus’s high fatality rate for older adults, they are largely isolated in their homes. Thus, they are now not only using technology for communication, but also for information gathering, shopping, and medical intervention.

Virtual Learning: In the events of the prolonged school and college closures, virtual learning has gained momentum to maintain continuity of learning. When adapting to this ‘new normal’, educational institutes including Vega Schools, have quickly evolved their digital tools and platforms to ensure uninterrupted educational delivery to their isolated learners. 

More and more Empathetic children: Recently one of our parents shared an inspiring incident of their children (8 and 5 years respectively) where both their sons who share the same birthday month, have voluntarily decided not to have any fancy celebrations or gifts. This came as a real surprise for the parents because their kids always demanded grand parties.

This shows that our little learners may look tiny and young, but the current crisis has made them realise what needs to be done to curb away from the pain.

Self-Realisation: This sudden lockdown has forced us to reflect on our actions which were not happening due to our hectic schedules in this competitive era. We have started appreciating things we took for granted before. This guilt of self-realization is helping mankind to eradicate all the wrong that has been done.From finding ourselves guilty of wasting food, water & money to having less resilience to spend our hard-earned money for fun, we are emerging as more logical. We are also developing a feeling of community irrespective of religion, race, and economic strata.

There is no denying the fact that coronavirus has had catastrophic impacts on mankind. At the same time, we also know from history that disruption creates more than it destroys, and our civilization is sure to emerge stronger and more humane in the coming times.