Vasavdatta Sarkar


A great believer in experiential and example-based learning, Vasavdatta takes pride in seeing things from the child’s perspective and understanding their underlying concerns. With her warm and approachable demeanor, she has always been a mentor as well as a friend to her learners. She also believes that while a certain amount of firmness must be maintained, it is equally important to have a constant dialogue with learners and keep an open communication channel with them as well as their parents, especially as they enter their teenage years. For her, the starting point of any interaction is empathy as, with a proper understanding of the motivation of individuals, anything is possible.

Her experience across curricula enables her to bring the best into her overall approach to planning and implementation for the school as well as the learners.

Vasavdatta is a passionate educator with Bachelors and Masters degrees in History and Education from the University of Calcutta where she was also invited by the principal of her alma mater, Loreto College, to start teaching the degree course.

Since relocating to Delhi NCR in the early nineties she taught at The Shri Ram School for over 18 years and held various leadership positions that have helped her deploy her beliefs and values to impact her learners. Vasavdatta wore many hats during her tenure, including CAS Coordinator and an educator in the IBDP Programme.

She possesses a strong passion for reading, travel- especially going on wildlife safaris, visiting museums and places of historical interest.