Surabhi Verma

Mentor & Expert, Inclusion

Surabhi is a renowned Special Educator with over 17 years of experience working with children with neurological disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Difficulty, Intellectual Disability, Down’s Syndrome, Slow Learners, and Attention Deficit Disorder. She completed her PG (Cert.) in Autism (children) from the University of Birmingham, UK and holds her Masters in Child Development from MS University, Vadodra, Gujrat. Surabhi has also completed an Advance certificate in Teaching Children with Dyslexia as well as PG (Dip.) in Developmental Therapy from Delhi University. She is currently the Director of Sparsh for Children and also works with schools and therapists advising them on how to structure their curriculum and design the training modules for their staff. Surabhi has also been involved in providing theoretical and internship training to budding special educators across various institutes. She also conducts numerous workshops for parents in which she shares knowledge and provides inputs for the continued intervention of children at home.

Over the years, Surabhi has found her niche, working for and with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Dyslexia. She takes a keen interest in the theoretical developments in the fields of Autism and has written various papers for the same.