Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery School provides a foundation for a child’s emotional, social, and personal growth and development. It provides the correct environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self and learn how to be accepting and adjusting - making it one of the best pre-schools in Gurgaon.

At Vega Schools, our approach is a happy combination of relationships as well as learning. The Learning Leaders are appointed with great care as they are the stand-in mothers during the child’s time in school, carefully attending to the social, emotional, and learning needs of the child. In a safe, secure environment, the Learning Leaders help children discover themselves.



For pre-nursery, learners will be able to apply maths concepts in all areas of life. Numeracy skills involve understanding numbers, counting, solving number problems, measuring, sorting, noticing patterns, adding and subtracting numbers in terms of less and more and so on.

  • Numbers (Quantification, Recitation & Recognition)
  • Geometry (Comparison, classification, Measurement, Sorting and Comparing)
  • Shapes (Identification), Data Handling
  • Algebra (Patterns), Life Math


Literacy in pre-nursery includes the ability to understand all forms of communication, be it body language, pictures, maps, or video. The preschool curriculum is therefore required to build on all early experiences and exposure and further learner’s communication skills so that they can share their thoughts and feelings or describe their experiences more effectively.

  • Letters (Recognition & Recitation)
  • Pre Writing Skills (Writing Letters)
  • Listening & Speaking Skills
  • Reading Skills

Life and Career Skills

Our skill based curriculum has the ability to perform an action with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. Some general skills would include time management, teamwork and leadership, self-motivation, cognitive development, social and emotional development, speech & language development.

  • Cognitive Skills (Visual Perceptual Skills, Auditory Perceptual Skills)
  • Social and Emotional Skills (Social Interaction, Relationships, Self Regulation)

My World

The young child is curious and enchanted about the world – its colours, its shapes, its sounds, its sizes and its forms. But most of all they are enchanted with the people – to begin with their immediate care givers, but also others. Our curriculum will help learners move towards logical thinking by helping them to turn their perception-bound to more concept based understanding. This gets addressed by helping children form concepts related to the world around them through direct experience and interactions with the physical, social and natural environment.

  • Myself, My people,
  • Shapes (Identification),
  • Environment, Seasons,
  • Transport,
  • My flora and fauna

Pre Nursery PBL Gallery

Timings of Pre-Nursery is 08:15 AM – 01:30 PM

The age criteria for Preschool admission in Gurgaon is the child should be 2+ as on 31st March.

Yes, Vega Schools Gurugram, serves a wide array of Indian and continental vegetarian cuisine prepared in its in-house cafe maintaining high quality standards. The vegetables are obtained through farm tie-ups. Once the menu is approved by our nutritionist, the preparation and serving is checked by the administrative team and learning leaders. Being the best Pre School in Gurgaon, we also have a Parent Committee who does regular audits to ensure hygiene and quality. Parents do visit us to taste the food as well with prior updates to the Parent Engagement.

We at Vega School follow the CBSE curriculum which is transacted using a problem-based learning (PBL) methodology involving active, real-world learning based on inquiry.

We believe that each child is unique, so we focus on building individual strengths. We are also one of the only schools to introduce such young learners to the concepts of self-reliance and community through our community outreach programme- Shram (which is interwoven into the curriculum).

If you want a school that gives equal focus to academics as well as life skills and holistic development, Vega is the right place for you.

It is an exploration of self and an introduction to the connect between the learner and their environment and immediate community. This pedagogy develops the child’s ability to work with their peers, and builds their confidence and self-esteem.