People & Culture

Everything starts with people

Collaborative learning for the best learning experience

Culture is the magic ingredient that makes Vega team members and learners want to come to school, be their best selves and be able to perform at their best. We work hard to build an inspiring ecosystem to ensure highly-motivated individuals at school and take pride in our work culture which finally permeates to the learners enabling the school to be rated as one of the top schools of Gurgaon.

A collaborative and distributive leadership model means that responsibility is distributed between and among staff members in a non-hierarchical manner. To promote this philosophy and practice, offices for the Vega team do not exist. Rather, team members are encouraged to utilize whatever space best fits their needs at any particular time.

Learning Leaders discover new ways to think about teaching and learning because there is a freedom to express, challenge and debate. A supportive culture means that faculty, staff, and learners are encouraged to innovate and try new things, free from fear of failure.

Professional Development

Because continuous improvement is our motto.

At Vega Schools, continuous improvement is our motto, powering the school to achieve top ratings year on year from prestigious publications as one of the best innovative schools of India as well as amongst top schools in Gurgaon.

Vega’s exclusive pedagogical approach of Problem-based Learning requires Learning Leaders to consciously step back and let go of the control mode to enable the Learners. Learners take the lead, while also being able to reach an outcome. This requires an aptitude for creativity, an attitude for collaboration, and an ability to recognize a learning opportunity.

At Vega, training inputs are delivered through sessions that are conducted regularly by world-renowned PBL expert, Dr. Steven Edwards, who has over forty years of experience in training educators around the world on successful implementation and execution of the PBL approach in a classroom.

Additionally, Vega Schools are frequently visited by education experts from partner schools around the world. These experts provide helpful insights and conduct training for our Learning Leaders. Some visitors in the recent past have been Andy Raymer, David Price, Lene Jensby Lange, Pawan Gupta, Rebecca Edwards, and Michael Chapman.


    The ability to put one’s self in the shoes of another.


    The need for transparency with oneself and for those around.


    Creating new knowledge by applying what we have learnt.


    Identifying unique talents and learning the value of hard work.


    The ability to exchange ideas effectively and work well with others.