Nursery school provides children with a warm, safe environment where they can explore comfortably and provide them with a firm foundation for primary and secondary education.

At Vega School, the concepts taught in the nursery are an essential foundation for further academics in primary and secondary school. Choose only the best pre-primary school in Gurgaon as formative years are crucial for personal growth and career prospects too. The age criteria for Nursery Admission in Gurgaon is also immaculate, as students should learn these required concepts by the specified age. Along with age, the combination of fun and interactive learning in CBSE nursery schools Gurgaon ensures students are always growing and learning.



Instead of simply feeding and practicing the concepts, teaching here goes hand-in-hand with extracurricular and sports activities. The nursery admission age is 3 years, which is perfect for the concepts taught in Nursery.

  • Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Life math (with non-standard units)
  • Data Handling


Under Literacy, our nursery learners will be encouraged to gain the ability to read and write their own names. Importantly, further for knowledge and interest, write coherently, and think critically about the written words.

  • English Listening
  • English Speaking
  • English Reading Writing
  • English Reading Skills
  • Hindi श्रवण
  • Hindi मौखक

My World

Our project-based approach attempts to tie in various skills and knowledge to be acquired by learners, into a coherent whole, organized around a specific theme, such as myself, plants, animals, fruits, vegetables, transport, traffic rules, etc. A deliberate focus on project learning objectives enables nursery children to be more efficient in acquiring skills and processes required to gather information in later life.

  • Myself
  • Flora (Plants)
  • Fauna (Animals)
  • My Earth
  • My Things

Nursery PBL Gallery

Learners immerse themselves in the process of learning by doing. They explore their relationship to their natural environment and connect with all living things.

Our PBL methodology enables learning to happen while learners are making real life connections. We also combine yoga and stories in ‘bookworm yoga’ sessions to initiate a love for reading while encouraging them to be active and fit, which is essential as this formative stage.

As the first mentor in the life of the child outside of their home, the teacher becomes a mother, friend and learning facilitator for the child. Their priority is to take special cognisance of the child’s socio-emotional needs as well as introduce them to new concepts.