The iLEAD programme has been developed by Dr. Steven Edwards, Co-Founder of Vega Schools. It is our proprietary process to develop leadership skills in all Vega learners across all ages.

21st-century learners are a new breed of students who have grown up in a digital age and are extremely comfortable with technology. They are unfazed by boundaries and can communicate and connect across countries and continents through various social media forums. They are parallel processors who can break down information from multiple sources, and at the same time utilize that information to create something new and innovative. It becomes vital to equip today’s Learners with important skill sets such as leadership, collaboration, integrity, innovation, empathy and resilience which will serve them well in their future and throughout their careers and lives.

No one is born a leader, however, nurtured together with important qualities such as responsibility, hard work, and growth mindset, we can shape and grow these qualities while guiding these young learners into confident and effective leaders in the future. Leadership begins with oneself and understanding one’s own strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and value systems. Qualities such as creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, learning, and teamwork are also crucial for today’s leaders.

Positive thinking and leadership skills have a huge impact and can bring about big changes in learners’ own lives, for those around them, and in their school environment. It is with this in mind that Vega wants to create ‘LEADERS’ through the iLead programme.