Living Vega Core Values During the Quarantine

The current Pandemic situation has led to dramatic changes, disarray and upheaval in almost all the aspects of our and our children’s life. Though there is no direct impact on our learners, we must not ignore the indirect hidden consequences that may have lasting effects on their mind. And this is where our Vega Core Values come into play. These core values act as guiding principles that dictate our children’s behaviour and can help them understand the difference between right and wrong. 

We at VEGA believe that teaching values to children is not restricted at home; it extends way beyond family culture and traditions. We focus on teaching academic content with a moral compass because it’s then we create TRUE LEADERS. 

And at this hour of Covid19 crisis, our learning leaders with the help of all the parents are in the process of reinforcing the core values in our Little learners. This will help them make better decisions and determine their choices.  

EMPATHY: The ability to put one’s self in the shoes of others.

Our young learners need to practice empathy at this time of crisis not only to understand what others are going through but also to create a feeling of oneness during this time of social distancing. The more they reach out to others in need, the more connected they will feel.

  • Involve them in acts of kindness; make them watch all those people who are going out of their way to help the poor and needy. Let them know that not all superheroes wear a cape!
  • Let them know that we might be maintaining social distancing, but we are not emotionally distant. We can talk to our friends and check on their life, we can talk to our grandparents and check on their health, we can talk to our house helps drivers and ask them whether they need anything.

INTEGRITY: The need for transparency with oneself and those around.

As Gandhiji eloquently said, “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest”. Integrity is a collection of virtues, including honesty, courage, honour, respect, responsibility, restraint, and authenticity.

  • If you are complaining of not being able to go out to your favourite park, you must know that there are many out there who are out of work & no money to feed their family. Time to know your priorities.
  • It’s time when you have to be responsible towards your duties at home, and not lie around with your homework or any other assigned task. Be honest; be regular with your studies.
  • It’s time to be a responsible citizen of India by staying indoors and maintaining social distance; failing to do so you are not only putting yourself at risk but others too. Don’t be selfish.
  • Learners need to follow digital etiquettes because they are more exposed to screen time due to virtual learning.  

INNOVATION: Creating new knowledge by applying what we have learnt.

Innovation is one of the by-products of Problem-Based learning. Being innovative embraces traits like curiosity, questioning, exploring, dreaming, reading, learning, as well as thinking creatively, critically and spatially.

  • Since schools are closed and children cannot go out, why not create a school-like routine at home and follow it.
  • Learners can create unique arts and crafts with existing resources at home.
  • They can brainstorm new fun games that can be played with their friends virtually, this way they will be socially connected and engaged productively.

EXCELLENCE: Identify unique talents and learn the value of hard work.

One of the paramount aspects to teach core values to our learners is to help them excel in life in future.

  • As parents are snowed under their own work from home and other household chores, our learners can inculcate the habit of being independent. It can be an independent study, or independently taking a shower. This way they are learning to be self-sufficient and also helping parents reduce their effort.
  • Since learners are spending all the time at home, let them be their own time managers, and know the consequences of doing a task at the last minute, or not doing their school assignments on time. 
  •  Let them be self-assessors of the situation around them. 

COLLABORATION: The ability to exchange ideas effectively and work well with others. 

  • And what can be a better way than collaborating with your parents and collectively carrying out household chores? After all, teamwork is what matters.
  • Since our learners are using Virtual learning as their sole mode of education, this platform can be used as the best way to discuss ideas & information.

It is important we help our children overcome the emotional blocks they are facing now, which may breed thoughts of small-mindedness and create self-imposed limitations. 

Our core values are embedded in them at a young age so that it becomes a part of their personality as they grow and helps them