How Vega Schools is Aligned and in Sync with the NEP, 2020.

The New National Education Policy was declared on 29th July 2020 by the Union Cabinet and replaced the 34-year-old National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986.

This policy was made keeping in mind the demands of the 21st Century, the needs of the people, and our country. The policy aims at making India a global knowledge superpower and to create changemakers who will lead and be the change.

We at Vega schools are proud to share that our curriculum and learning pedagogy is completely in sync with the NEP 2020. We are pleased to be leading the way towards the next generation of education and schools.

Let us see how Vega is “NEP ready”

NEP Pillar 1: Curriculum to integrate critical thinking & Creativity.

Vega Schools transact the CBSE curriculum through Problem based learning to teach 21st Century Skills (from pre-nursery all the way to grade 12) to prepare our children for the future. Through PBL, we aim to work on decision-making skills, working in collaboration with the team, critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, information gathering, and effective communication and using the latest technology for innovation, all of which are clearly emphasised in the NEP. Our curriculum content is more holistic inquiry-based, discussion and analysis based.

NEP Pillar 2: Encourage Community Participation.

One of the unique features of our school is our social responsibility initiative “SHRAM” which is integrated into the curriculum. 

Shram aims at providing community services ideas and opportunities to young learners to make them understand societal problems and how they can work with the community to solve their “real-life” issues. One of our key core values, “Empathy” is, thus, fostered within a child as she identifies as a part of the community and becomes a responsible citizen of the future. When learners get involved with the community, they help others expand their worldview, develop leadership skills and see for themselves how their actions can have a positive impact on those around them. Research confirms that responsible learners perform better in school and become better leaders. 

NEP Pillar 3: End of rote learning.

In a recent article in The Economic Times, dated 7th June 2020, Former Director-General of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Dr. V.K. Saraswat touched on the underlying problem saying India is facing the issue of rote learning: a memorizing technique based on repetition. This technique inhibits creative learning stagnating the learners’ overall growth. 

At Vega schools we do not focus only on “knowing the curriculum” but also on how to apply what has been learnt into finding new and better ways of doing things. Hence there is an increased focus on the application of concepts learnt rather than shallow memorization of a vast syllabus. We believe that the shift from rote learning to conceptual learning will set a child’s foundational skills to excel as per their aptitude and competencies, which will serve them far better in their future career prospects.  Learners will be oriented towards projects and hands-on learning, which is very different from a conventional rote-based learning environment.

At Vega, learning is interactive and experiential-based on dealing with real-life questions and problems. Experiential learning includes hands-on learning, arts-integrated and sports-integrated education, and, story-telling-based pedagogy. This way, classroom transactions shift towards competency-based learning and teaching.

NEP Pillar 4: Creation of libraries.

At Vega schools, our new-age digital library encourages learners to drop everything and read (D.E.A.R).

Reading is an exercise for the brain, and it’s more effective when begun young. We have heard and read psychologists, behavioral therapists, teachers, and well-known scholars emphasizing the benefits of reading to children, starting with when they are 7 days old!

Vega schools nurture this passion for reading right from the pre-nursery. Our free physical library is also open for public use.

The NEP 2020 is both ambitious and futuristic, so is our mission at Vega Schools. 

Our multidisciplinary education approach, which is aligned with the changes in the NEP 2020. 

The NEP 2020 promotes the integration of creative combinations of subjects, specialized learning, character development, blended learning, interdisciplinary methods, and flexible curriculums will help strengthen emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of students. This encourages students to become self-motivated learners. This is much needed for students to acquire skills that will prepare them for the unseen jobs of tomorrow. The integration is successfully implemented at Vega Schools via its cohort teaching model. 

Vega Schools also focus on developing social and emotional skills – also referred to as ‘soft skills’ – including cultural awareness and empathy, perseverance and grit, teamwork, leadership, communication, among others. The NEP 2020 defined approach of skill-based learning from a new foundation level of academics will help learners identify skill sets much earlier, thereby empowering students to be future-ready.

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