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Sector 48 Sohna Road, Opposite Eldeco Mansionz



8:15 am – 1:30 pm (Pre-Nur and Nur)
8:15 am – 3.00 pm (KG onwards)



It should be clean filtered air: The HVAC (central A/C) system has been designed by an ASHRAE certified HVAC expert. The system has diffusers (instead of vents) which reduce air velocity thereby resulting in substantially reduced spread of viruses. The system is fitted with fresh air (TFA) units which bring in fresh air from the outside. Fresh air is recommended as it minimises the spread of viruses. The system is further fitted with MERV filters which purify the fresh air and remove harmful viruses and bacteria. Periodic wiping down of frequent contact areas is done.

In the post COVID-19 world, the school shall meet/exceed UNESCO/WHO hygiene guidelines:

  • Encourage frequent and thorough washing (at least 20 seconds)
  • Hand sanitizers are placed in toilets, classrooms, halls, and near exits
  • The school is designed as per international standards and provides over 90 sq ft per child and socially distant seating provided in learning spaces.
  • Stringent food safety guidelines
  • Stringent transport safety guidelines
  • Process of sanitisation for school staff prior to and after entering the school building.

How does the school ensure safety of the children?

School ensures a warm, safe and happy environment that is conducive to learning. It is very important for us to consider many different aspects such as school must provide a threat free and happy environment conducive to learning. It is very important for us to consider many different aspects like the whole school common area is covered with CCTV, police verification of all staff members, trained school nurse along with dedicated car on stand by for medical reasons on campus, well equipped trauma kits, all washrooms have 1 nanny aligned, any entry and exit is with appointment and after doing all checks, full adherence of NBCC norms like fire drills, disaster management drills, fire norms are being followed to maintain the safety and security of the school.


How PBL Learning at Vega Schools is different from others?

We allow our Learners to lead the process of learning, simply guiding them and helping them to actively explore real-life problems and come up with innovative solutions or further inquiry.

How is PBL Learning involved in the classroom?

Through engaging in projects in an open space classroom environment.

What makes VEGA Schools different from Others?

Not only do we focus on immersing our Learners in understanding concepts at a deeper level, but we encourage them to follow the vega values of empathy, integrity, collaboration, excellence and innovation.

What is the teacher student ratio in the school?

1 : 20. (Small size classrooms with child centric personal attention.)

How are the students assessed and evaluated?

  • Learners at Vega Schools, at the beginning of a new academic year, are assessed on the basis of their basic background knowledge for the current grade topics, in the form of a baseline assessment.
  • Through the year, Concept assessments are taken and designed on the basis of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) statements for any specific learning outcome.
  • Formative assessments are an integral part of our methodology as we assess learners on the basis of Project exhibitions, Process and culmination of projects, SLCs ( Student Led Conference) and presentation in classes.
  • Personal projects to serve as a key role in determining their understanding on various topics.

How important is inclusive education?

Inclusive education is invaluable both for children with Special Needs as well as mainstream children. Through inclusion, children with Special Needs find positive role models and learn appropriate education and social skills which helps them to improve and grow as an individual. Mainstream children too learn to be more accepting and appreciate differences between children.

What support do The Vega Schools offer to the children with special needs?

Vega Schools has a dedicated Special Education Needs (SEN) Team of Learning Leaders, that includes an Occupational Therapist and a Counsellor. The Learning Leaders assist the child in the classroom along with specialised independent sessions tailored to the child’s needs, based on an Independent Education Plan (IEP) that is drawn up for each child.

Parental involvement

How are parents informed about the progress of their child?

Vega Schools conduct Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) thrice a year. Other than this, parents are the assessors of their child’s progress at the SLCs (Student Led Conference) where daily work is discussed and at the Project Exhibitions where application of knowledge is assessed. SLCs and PEs happen twice a year.

How will I know what’s happening in my child’s classroom, and in the school?

  • For all grades a monthly plan stating academic work planned for the month is uploaded on the LMS. Parents can view it at their leisure.
  • For all grades a daily note detailing work done during the day is sent through the LMS. All classwork done and homework given is mentioned there.
  • Parents may also connect with the Learning Leaders via mail on the LMS or call the school Parent Engagement in-charge.

How can parents be involved in the schools?

Parents are an integral part of Vega Schools. They are involved in many ways like Coffee with Principal (weekly); VIPC (Vega Involved Parent Council); Cafe Committee (parent volunteer); Student Led Conference (SLC); Project Exhibitions; PTMs;

There is a Parent Engagement Coordinator who builds/creates connections between school and parents.

Admission Process

Does the school accept student applicants from other educational institutions?


What are the criteria for the selection of children at the time of admission?

We abide by the CBSE guidelines. An assessment and an interview is recommended by the school in order to establish mutual compatibility.

Is there a policy for offering admissions to siblings of students?

We encourage siblings to study together at the School.

What is the admission process?

Registration, followed by Assessment, Interaction and Admission.

Teachers (we call them Learning Leaders)

What is the criteria for the selection of learning leaders?

We understand that our parents have trusted us with their most precious asset, our learners. So it is our foremost endeavour and commitment to provide them with the most nurturing, caring and competent Learning Leaders.

At Vega Schools, we employ a very stringent selection process for Learning Leaders, which comprises sophisticated hiring tools such as psychometric assessments, Behavioural event Interviews, multiple screening rounds and demo of classroom handling & teaching. Our objective is to tap the best talent available in the country to deliver high quality PBL to our learners.


Which outdoor and indoor sports are provided at the school?

Outdoor- Basketball, football,volleyball, athletics, skating, kho-kho.

Indoor- Carom, Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton, Yoga


Does the School have school buses?

Yes, the school has new buses fitted with all safety features. The school follows all the necessary guidelines like camera, seat belts, speed limit control, fire extinguisher, female attendant, contact details of the school written on the back of the school bus, regular deep cleaning of buses, regular service of buses, GPS access to parents.

Where can I get school transport information?

Contact details can be taken by contacting the school admissions office and are on the contact section of the website.

Where can I check transport fees?

The transport fee details are in the fee structure available on the admission section of the website.


What is the Shram Program??

At Vega we view social responsibility and resulting values as intrinsic values every child should develop. Engaging them actively from early childhood years will lead them to become proactive, mindful and productive citizens of the future. We believe that it is important for our learners to become self-reliant and mindful of their own environment & surroundings while thinking beyond themselves: their family and underprivileged & vulnerable communities as well. This was the reason we initiated the Shram Programme and integrated into the curriculum from Pre-Nursery to Grade VIII.

What is SPEED??

Vega’s sport programme SPEED stands for Sports Physical Education And Enrichment Department. By placing emphasis on skill development, Vega’s SPEED programme is laying the building blocks for appropriate physical activity, and also reinforcing health and safety for our Learners’ continuous physical development.

5 Unique Pointers about Vega Schools

PBL methodology

Integration of community outreach programme- Shram- into curriculum from as as early as Pre-Nursery

Open learning hubs

SPEED which focuses not only on competitive element of sport but also on skill development

GSA- Vega is the only Indian school that has been invited to be a part of the prestigious Global Schools Alliance (GSA)

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