Education in 2020 to Prepare our Children for 2030


In the uncertain and complex world of the future, the only constant is — change. More than memorizing science and math formulas, young children should be taught the art of — how to adapt and thrive in the continually evolving world of tomorrow.

McKinsey Global Institute reports that by 2030, robots and AI would have replaced one-fifth of the global workforce. Industry analyzers assure us that for every job taken over by machines, new ones will be created. But, the big question is — what are the new roles likely to be, and how should we prepare our children for the challenging workplace of tomorrow?

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, recently announced on his 55th birthday that he is stepping down from the post of Chairman to return to his first love — teaching. However, this time, he wants to do things differently. He states that the things we’re teaching our children today are things from the past 200 years — it’s all knowledge-based. It doesn’t prepare them for a future where they have to co-exist with machines.

Ma states that our children shouldn’t be competing with machines based on knowledge. Instead, we should teach our children the skills and values that machines cannot possess. He goes on to state that qualities like independent thinking, empathy, teamwork will be the most prized skills a few years down the line. It is what will make our children irreplaceable in the workplace of the future. He goes on to state that creative skills like — arts, painting, music, sports — are what will make them different.

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