Creativity: as important as literacy for your child


“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

Innovation is fundamental to the human spirit.

Innovation predicates Evolution.

Innovation and Creativity are nurtured in a cradle of fearlessness; uninhibited by conformity and always bucking the trend.

It is a mindset that creates new vistas, breaks boundaries and besets paradigms.

First of all, let us agree that the journey of every creative endeavor or thought must be beset by mistakes.

It is a new unchartered path and we must accept that there will be wrong turns, such is the nature of the odyssey.

Children are fearless and uninhibited; yet over a period of time (studies show this), they get more inhibited and less open to trying out new ways. In other words, their creativity wanes.

But why should that be?

Any system of thought that stigmatizes mistakes cannot encourage creativity & innovation, it will stifle the voice and suppress the flight of imagination.

Look at our corporate world, it is so very fashionable to speak about mistakes as being stepping stones to success but heaven-forbid you should fail or make a mistake.

Children do not grow into creativity, they grow out of it, or more accurately are made to grow out of it by an education system that seeks conformity.

Intelligence is diverse, we think about the world in all the ways that we feel it. There cannot be one standardized path to understanding or perceiving the world. Knowing facts alone cannot be the yardstick of an advanced society, where does the diversity of thought and ideas fit in? How can straightjacket thought lead to innovation

Accurately replicating a textbook on an examination paper is a test of memory, not intelligence. It cannot be the yardstick of intelligence. We seek to prepare minds for the new world in which they must take their place as responsible citizens. Yet we don’t really know what the world is going to be like?

This pushes us to incubate minds that can think laterally forsaking all excess baggage, questioning norms and cultivating innovation. Our world needs problem-solvers and agile thinkers who look at the issues besetting our world in a different light and come up with sustainable ways to progress.

Let us examine the factors salient to creativity and innovation:

Technological Breakthroughs have spawned innovation across domains and touching every facet of human existence and altering the world, forever.


Intense Competition fuels innovation e.g. in the field photography; evolution from a pinhole camera to digital photography and in the area of music; advances in technology have seen the gramophone evolve through a series of transformations to digital devices that store and deliver hi-fidelity music. With the invention of the cloud: music listening is set to transform beyond recognition.

Changing Markets have pushed innovation to new frontiers. Classical Village and City market places have been augmented to super and hypermarkets. The onset of the Internet has rendered buying options limitless.

Passion to invent the future has given birth to innovation as corporations have re-defined the market place and altered the classical buyer paradigm. Making products and services hypermarkets and more dependable forever.

Rich Domain Expertise more often than not gives rise to innovation. An extensive breadth of domain knowledge fuels innovation persistently resetting the bounds of possibilities.

Let us then ignite curiosity as it is the engine of creativity & innovation.

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