Parenting is tough under any circumstances, but feeding, cleaning, teaching, doing office work, protecting and entertaining children while stuck at home in the midst of a pandemic takes it to a whole new level. Needless to say, a lot of parents are hitting their limits in the age of COVID-19.

Schools are closed, we are working from home, and we can’t have our children stay over at their grandparents’ place. This situation means that parents are spending more time than ever before with their adorable munchkins and they are experiencing the struggles and joys of parenting 24*7. Now, they’re getting into all kinds of trouble and driving their parent’s bananas!

Let’s have a much needed chuckle about how crazy life is these days, let’s laugh our way through it. These are some honest, hilarious yet true confessions which we all will resonate with.  

The Pj family: Never knew those pyjamas will be the most sought after fashion these days as parents are finding themselves in pjs 24 hours. Yes , we do change it: we change from day pyjamas to night pyjamas. So exciting! Isn’t it? 

Our kitchens are open: 24*7– Suddenly our children are hogging food as if they are into some contest trying to win a grand prize! And it’s not even the daily  food which they usually eat but gourmet dishes they just saw on some YouTube videos. Some of us are definitely turning into professional chefs after the lockdown is lifted. Can we reconsider a shift in career?

Is it Monday already? Few of us  accepted that we have not only lost track of  time but days too. Sometimes it’s our children who remind us that it’s a weekday, we are yet to finish the assignments.

Let’s skip dusting today: Our initial days of lockdown started with excitedly ‘deep cleaning’ our house, organising the cabinet and decluttering, but when the work from home pressure started piling up which has webinars, video calls, audio con calls, and our children don’t get enough attention,we started loosening the grip on household work. The top shelf of the cabinet was dusted 2 weeks ago! Agree or not!  

Did we already have lunch? – Lunch at 2 pm, a packet of chips at 2:15 pm, and at the stroke of 3 we are suddenly hungry! Back to pyjamas, some of them are not fitting us anymore. 

‘Me-Time’: Major  missing– We parents are doing our best to hold  the family together along with our professional lives, and at the end we end up giving up on our personal time and space. These exceptional times have presented several circumstances to up the game. There is no guilt in accepting the fact that we miss our peaceful ‘happy hours’.  

Extra screen-time: Let it be– We don’t mind pretending that we have lost track of time just so children can play on their iPads a bit long and we can enjoy a few more moments of silence. A win-win for all! 

Waking up in the morning and sending children to school is now a distant memory. The piano which was given as a birthday gift last summer is no longer music to ears. Getting children to just sit down and do their schoolwork is a nightmare because they are pumped up with energy but our battery is running low.  

Extra hands add up to extra work: Its true that quarantine life has made our children empathetic and understanding, they are voluntarily taking up household chores and lending their tiny hands in kitchen too, but at the same time we secretly wish that they don’t help us anymore, so that we can wrap up our work in 5 mins as against 30 mins if it’s done by them. 

Those colouring books can be real stress busters: Did you sneak into your child’s room and steal their colouring books? Did you feel elated after solving grade 4’s algebra questions? Yes we are doing some or the other related things, after all this quarantine is emotionally challenging and we want to maintain our sanity.Moms, Dads, you’re not alone! We’re all in this together. This is a uniquely unifying experience throughout the world in the midst of a  pandemic. We understand that with this unexpected turn of events, what began, as a minor change for us has now become a heart-breaking reality. It’s a series of highs and lows, anxiety attacks and fits of laughter, tears and hugs. And we are all in it together, doing our very best to emerge as champions in the end.