Is our child busy with gadgets even after online classes? Is he irritable and frustrated when not given any devices? Do they have disturbed sleep patterns due to over usage of gadgets? Are real-life experiences being replaced by digital ones? Instead of playing hide-n-seek, children are playing video games? Are they trying to be manipulative [Read More…]

21st-century skills

“REAL CHANGE TAKES PLACE IN DEEP CRISIS” The current pandemic situation is the best example of change that we are experiencing today. It has forced us to relook our approach towards life, education of our children, school teaching practices and future work.   This sudden catastrophic change is a stark reminder of the critical importance of [Read More…]

Benefits Of Writing

This is the age of technology, and rightly so, if we want our children to learn 21st-century skills, we have to get them well-versed with the latest and updated technology. Adding to this, the use of technological tools and devices has maximized as millions of children pivoted to e-learning. One of the major drawbacks of [Read More…]