LOG-PBL & Changing Job Market

The current pandemic and the subsequent shift of our normal lives to virtual lives have set across a very strong message in the job market ie. In order to meet the coming of a knowledge-based society and face its new challenges, suitable professional talents are required. Whether we discuss the impact of globalization, the gig [Read More…]

Teacher Learner Relationship

What makes a Parent happy? When their child says “I don’t want to miss school because my teacher is so cool” In a typical academic year, learners spend about 1000 hours with a school teacher. This means a deep relationship with their teacher is developed which in turn makes the entire learning process, an experience [Read More…]

The PBL way of Innovative Assessments

21ST Century learning has achieved a paradigm shift in the education system, fostering complex skill sets like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and decision making and problem-solving. Since developing these skills are becoming a central part of our teachings, the need to understand how to assess these skills has become equally important. So the current approaches [Read More…]


Dr Rajat Chauhan (Dr RC) in conversation with  Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder, Vega Schools (S). Here are some excerpts. S: Dr Chauhan you have an MBBS, MSc (Nottingham, UK in Sports Exercise Medicine, Musculo-Skeletal Medicine, London, UK). You are a prolific author and newspaper columnist with the Hindustan Times and many other major news papers. You’ve [Read More…]