When in doubt. Reach out!

Mental health issues have been on the rise ever since the coronavirus pandemic set in, early 2020. Both parents and children are witnessing stress, anxiety, anxiousness, lack of motivation to even do daily basic chores like eating, grooming etc. The stress, fear, grief, isolation and uncertainty created by the pandemic has worn everyone down, but [Read More…]

LOG-PBL & Changing Job Market

The current pandemic and the subsequent shift of our normal lives to virtual lives have set across a very strong message in the job market ie. In order to meet the coming of a knowledge-based society and face its new challenges, suitable professional talents are required. Whether we discuss the impact of globalization, the gig [Read More…]

Teacher Learner Relationship

What makes a Parent happy? When their child says “I don’t want to miss school because my teacher is so cool” In a typical academic year, learners spend about 1000 hours with a school teacher. This means a deep relationship with their teacher is developed which in turn makes the entire learning process, an experience [Read More…]

The PBL way of Innovative Assessments

21ST Century learning has achieved a paradigm shift in the education system, fostering complex skill sets like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and decision making and problem-solving. Since developing these skills are becoming a central part of our teachings, the need to understand how to assess these skills has become equally important. So the current approaches [Read More…]