How to talk to your kids about Covid -19

“Life of a self-quarantined parent” Kid (first thing in the morning): Mamma today also we have to stay inside because of corona virus. Mom: yes dear. Kid: tomorrow? Day after? And next Sunday also? How boring!!!!” We can feel you mommies and daddies!! As the word “Pandemic” is all over the news and in our […]

Exercise and Reading in the time of Corona

At this time of crisis, where normal life seems screeching to a halt, it’s high time we convert online conveniences into daily necessities especially when it comes to education. This is exactly what the Learning Leaders at Vega are doing with Virtual Storytelling sessions with the help of yoga. It’s storytelling and exercise rolled into […]

Banish the Quarantine Fever: 10 Meaningful Ways for Families to Spend Quality Time Together

As the Coronavirus spreads rapidly across geographical boundaries, quarantine or self-isolation appears to be the only solution towards preventing “community transmission,” and flattening the infection curve. Citizens across the country are mandated to be in a 21 day complete lockdown. Parents are working from home and children are to remain indoors with no school, day-care, […]

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