Child-Mom can I play with my playstation?Mom-Oh yes, go ahead! Says the mom, with a smile on her face.Child- Are you sure? Because I just watched cartoons on the TV.Mom-As long as you are happy, you have finished your schoolwork, I am cool with it.Child-Mom you have changed, but we are enjoying your new AVATAR! [Read More…]

Open Classrooms

The Indian education sector is undergoing a paradigm shift in today’s time. Thanks to the New Education Policy (NEP 2020) there are reforms in teaching methods, in curriculum as well as in how learning spaces are designed. The aim is to prepare Indian students across all curriculum areas and learning stages so they can succeed [Read More…]


Our world is made up of colors and shapes. Children try to understand their surroundings by looking at the differently shaped objects around them which are directly responsible for brain development. . These mental mapping of shapes play a crucial role in the development of analytical, life, and career skills and problem-solving abilities in children. [Read More…]

Parenting in a post COVID world

Recently, as a panelist at a webinar, the host asked me what I thought about the ‘movie we all are watching’. By the term ‘movie’ he meant the COVID-19 the entire world is witnessing.   I reflected on his question and intuitively responded that COVID-19 is probably only a trailer. The real ‘movies’ that the world [Read More…]

Culture In a Box

“Culture shapes the mind. It provides us with a tool kit with which we construct not only our worlds but the very conceptions of ourselves and our knowledge.” India is a country that is filled with unique, and varied cultures. Every aspect of Indian culture is distinctive and has layers and folklore attached to it. [Read More…]


Is our child busy with gadgets even after online classes? Is he irritable and frustrated when not given any devices? Do they have disturbed sleep patterns due to over usage of gadgets? Are real-life experiences being replaced by digital ones? Instead of playing hide-n-seek, children are playing video games? Are they trying to be manipulative [Read More…]