Why Vega Schools should be the School of your choice.

PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING Vega Schools is a school in Gurgaon that transacts the CBSE curriculum through the Problem-Based Learning methodology. Vega schools believe that in order to make their mark in the future, young learners need to be taught decision-making skills, collaboration, critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, effective communication, and the latest technological tools. This can [Read More…]

Su-Raksha Bandhan 2020

3rd August 2020, was celebrated as RakshaBandhan all over the country. But this year Rakhi was different as the Covid-19 pandemic continued with its march across the country. Various types of social dimensions were seen during Raksha Bandhan amid times of coronavirus. Families didn’t have large gatherings. Lunch and dinner parties were held in small [Read More…]

Gender-Neutral Language – What is it?

“Good morning Darling Myra, you look like a beautiful princess today”. “Hello Atta boy Ruhaan, I like your baseball cap, Dude” These are some “harmless” remarks which sometimes our teachers pass on to children. We usually don’t see the harm in such statements, but these innocent phrases sometimes lay the foundation for gender differentiation among [Read More…]

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